Home Section
The alternative pages of this template are contained in the scrollable Page object Page2. The links of the navigation bar are variable sized and aligned to the top (see Pos tab). If the mouse is over one link, a top and bottom yellow border is added to the link (defined for the Over state), pushing following links down by the space of the borders. This only works for a top alignment, which is natively supported by HTML. Other alignment directions would not allow the shifting of following links.

Note that no graphics are used, every color can be customized. The arc in the top left corner is a rounded corner of object Panel1 configurable in the Edges tab. You will notice that this object is shifted in the Effects tab to bottom and down by 16 pixels. This ensures a clean cut in the top/right and bottom/left corner (reset this shifting to have a different appearance). This shifting is compensated by setting Panel1 to the position (-16,-16) in the Pos tab.

The stylesheet contains styles for navigation bar links (Link2) and for the section headings (Label3). Note that Link2 is completely white because the font color is white (as the background color).